The borders open again, and traveling is possible. But not all countries allow unlimited travel. Restrictions such as quarantine and Covid-19 tests still exist. Some states also restrict entry for selected nationalities.

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COVID-19 Travel

Keeping an overview here is not so easy – precisely because the guidelines are always changing.

The situation with the United States is currently uncertain. Here is the speculation that the borders will remain closed until September – some voices think that travel to/from the USA will no longer be possible in 2020. For Australia and New Zealand, this is almost certain for 2020. You won’t be able to plan a trip there until 2021.

Therefore we show you helpful links here where you can see whether your planned trip is possible and is affected by restrictions.

Useful Covid-19 Travel Sources

For trips within Europe, we recommend this source

The most comprehensive and up-to-date source for all international travel

For all trips to Greece, this form must be completed 48 hours before entry

For trips to Spain, this form need to be filled out in advance

See how the Covid-19 virus develops worldwide

Which countries could soon be on the quarantine list – here is a helpful list

Country restriction list from Germany

For all questions about luxury hotels and travel restrictions, you can also contact us by email. We are already looking forward to when the world is back to regular travel, and we can all fully live out our joy of traveling again.

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