Ellerman house stands in a distinctive place of being capable to deal with their guest the very finest of South Africa. From lavish welcome and superior amenities to extraordinary experiences. Thus, they destine to provide the supreme demonstrative South African sculpture assembly in reality. Also, each day they plan to accomplish their determination. As they have faith in altering people’s lifestyles and discover their particular significance in their knowledge.

Let the Ellerman House staff and faculty to sift your trip to their attractive city. As they adore what they do!

Suites & Rooms

The hotel maintains the standard in provision distinction, indulgence and advanced lifestyle in Cape Town. Although the hotel destines to offer the guests the sensation of greeting home based planetary. As a matter of fact, you might not ever want to go. Ellerman House offers 13 independently designed apartments, each having a remarkable disposition. It doesn’t matter which apartment you are going to select, you are going to experience a picture perfect night time stay.
Ellerman House

Ellerman house Dinning

At Ellerman House, visitors can relish splendid sights of Atlantic oceans. Their crew of devoted cooks directed by Exclusive cook Rudolph Blaauw along with Chef Peter Tempelhoff, feel pleasure with South African famous recipes. Besides periodic native aromas is an amalgamation of a cooking spur from all over the world. The hotel dining is intended to provide supreme locally generated and obtained ingredients to be used in serving dishes.

The admiring visitor’s food store also recognized as “Naughty corner” or “Sugar Shack” is accessible 24/7 to please guests halfway in lunchtime hunger.
Ellerman house capetown

Likewise, a considerate honor is provided to one of their state’s utmost renowned productions. Ellerman house provides 7500 stout assemblage of South African wines. These wines are famous and evolving tags from Western Cape’s world famous wine district. Similarly, most of their wine assemblage are exceptional or distinct proclamations that have been increased by the desired harvest accepted at the personal mart. Thus, wines from the basement are merely prepared, presented on the hotel’s wine menu after they have been ripened. In this way, wines are all set ready for delight and serving at top development. They cordially request your presence to participate in their seemlier for everyday wine sipping early afternoon.

Wellness and Spa

Located on the subordinate point of the hotel’s villa, the Ellerman Spa is a chance to practice factual moderation and comfort. Thus revitalizing peace of mind and body. Its amenities comprises of 3 individual rooms for treatment and 1 dual room for treatment as well as a sensational bath and steam bath. Their analysts are inspired by medicinal and magnificence procedures from all over the world.

Similarly, their wellness staff is fully faithful to your general whole comfort. Their aim is to provide their guests with the sensation of happiness and comfort along with the peaceful and well restored day. In fact, their entire methodology emphasizes measures, diligence, and nourishment, all reinforced by the main attention on a nap. Relax in Africa’s primary suites for sleep and permit yourself to have ceremonial sleep along with a distinctive sleep package. Thus reserve an inclusive wellbeing hideaway for profound sleep, recreation, and innovation.

Sports club at Ellerman house

Isolated in the luxurious parks nearby wading pools, the hotel’s health and fitness amenities present an entirely prepared gym for visitors. Ellerman House desire to sustain strength and fitness during the visit. With its updating tools, hot tubs and changing rooms, visitors can relish an exciting trial in the splendid sights of the Atlantic Ocean.

The hotel Technogym stimulated tools comprises of permitted worktables, weights, static bicycles, treadmills, paddling machines, treatment balls, and workout doormats. Like always, their team members are all time available to publicize visitors with backing deals whenever they require.

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