The Covid-19 Virus and the Luxury Hotel Industry. The Pandemic has unfortunately made us travel through a journey of unimaginable devastation. For weeks now, our lives have changed making it harder for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What is more fearful besides the virus itself, is more living with the uncertainty of, when the world will get back to its normal swing.

“We are all in this together, and ultimately we will all get through this together”

World tourism will experience great global trials. Currently, all international borders have closed, and airlines grounded. While governments have been battling to ensure everyone’s safety, whilst trying to balance the economy. Making travelling to a foreign country not even on the agenda anymore and almost impossible. A change, that we have never believed would ever happen. We have always had the freedom to travel and dream of that foreign destination. Amongst this uncertainty, can there be a silver lining, at least for an escape?

There can be a silver lining with this Virus

We can consider the beauty of our very own country and travel within our local territory. It would certainly make travelling much safer. Can we still dream of that perfect getaway? And yet, we can adjust that dream of a perfect getaway, “the light at the end of the tunnel‘‘. There is so much offered within travelling domestically. By visiting a different region in our very own country, we have always wished to visit. Yet, put last on the bucket list after travelling to every other country.

Presently, most of the luxury hotels had no other choice with the Virus, than to close their doors. Again, with no certainty on how long the current pandemic will affect our lives. Moreover, we do not know, if the accustomed hotel experience will be the same considering the aftermath and effect of the virus. Luxury hotels more than ever are substantially preparing to re-open their doors. By devising new ways to keep guests and hotel workers safe, including improved cleaning, hotel employees wearing masks, and social distancing measures.

Due to the international travel ban, luxury hotels will be adjusting their marketing focus because of the Virus. Health and safety is above all, therefore travelling globally is at a standstill for now. The focus will be on the silver lining of making the most, of travelling domestically. Therefore, the remaining year of 2020, it is time to explore the magnificent beauty and culture of one’s very own country.  Each country offers unique experiences and places – so it is time to reconsider and plan that magic getaway locally.

Bringing you privileges you deserve in Luxury Hotels

Privateupgrades opens that gateway offering a plethora of hotels, located within your own country. Furthermore, we are consistently working with our exemplary hotels on extended Promotions. To make your stay even more affordable in these demanding times. Evermore, we have opted 95% of our finest hotels listed, to grant a free cancellation policy, up to 2 days prior to arrival. Especially now due to the current situation, it is vital and gives you the flexibility you need. More importantly, you have access to complimentary special added-value amenities and our member benefits. Such as complimentary upgrades, discounted rates, free breakfast, flexible check-in and check-out times. Additionally, you receive a 100 USD Hotel Credit Voucher to use towards dining or spa treatments.

Innovate and book your domestic getaway with incredible benefits, fully flexible and risk free!

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