PrivateUpgrades opens doors for you in luxury hotels. This review shows how you get the most out of your membership. On the PrivateUpgrades website, you can book online the best 2000 hotels worldwide and receive additional benefits with every stay. These advantages are always a room upgrade, free breakfast, a hotel credit worth USD 100, as well as prioritized early check-in or late check-out. Becoming a member is quick, easy, and free!

Luxurious hotel portfolio

PrivateUpgrades members are enthusiasts of luxury and beautiful experiences. The goal of PrivateUpgrades is to make every hotel stay more personal and perfect for every guest. The hotels in the portfolio always strive to ensure this unique VIP service for our members. Each reservation is processed and discussed with the management of the particular hotel. We ensure that PrivateUpgrade members are not just booking numbers!

Privateupgrades Entrance

Your Member Benefits

Everyone loves upgrades – this is standard with us. If the higher room category is available when you check-in, the hotel has to upgrade you – and is happy to do so. The daily free breakfast for two is trendy. In Paris, breakfast costs 90 euros per person. Our hotel credit is always worth at least USD 100 and gets deducted at checkout. With each reservation, let us know when you arrive at the hotel and when you leave. If this is outside the regular check-in and out times, we give your booking a high priority so that the room is ready at no additional cost. Each reservation via us counts to your hotel status, and you get the regular (or even double) points from the different hotel loyalty programs.

Privateupgrades Upgrade

Let us know your preferences

For our magic, we initially need your help. For our service to develop ideally, we need your personal preferences. You fill them once in your profile, and then we inform each hotels accordingly about your wishes and prepare your arrival optimally. If you have not yet filled out the preferences, you should take the 2 minutes now! We also recommend that you store your address in your profile – once stored there, it gets always attached to the booking process and saves your time.

Privateupgrades Preference

Your Travel Designer

Luxury is personal. Because we breathe and love luxury, we attach great importance to the first-class service for our members. As soon as you signed up for a free membership, you will have your TravelDesigner reaching out to you. He or She is your contact and available for all your questions and requests relating to bookings. You are welcome to contact us by phone to make bookings or for inquiries before, during, or after your stay. The PrivateUpgrades Travel Designers are all hotel experts and have many years of experience in the international hotel industry.

Privateupgrades TravelDesigner

Every stay is special

In addition to your general preferences, we want to get information about your stay. Do you celebrate your birthday or one of your loved ones, go to a special concert, need some time out and lots of privacy, get a visit from friends or business partners in the hotel or your flight lands early in the morning, and you would be happy to take a shower right away? All this information helps us to improve your stay and to meet your preferences. All information will, of course, be treated confidentially and communicated exclusively with the hotel.

Privateupgrade entry

Exclusive Hotel Promotions

In addition to our attractive benefits, you will also find a wide range of exclusive promotions on PrivateUpgrades. We offer an average of around 700 promotions. When you search for a city, you can see the available promotions in the filter on the left and then select them accordingly before making the reservation. Most promotions are visible in the pricing already. But not at all hotels. In that case, check if the promotion is valid and make the booking. Your travel designer will take care of it and will answer you within 48 hours and adjust the booking accordingly for you.

Privateupgrades Suites

Which is the perfect hotel for you

On, you can use the filters on the left to set various criteria that are important to you. Whether a pool, a gourmet restaurant, a grand hotel style, or trendy design – PrivateUpgrades has the perfect hotel experience for you. If you are unsure and would like advice, then send an email to your Travel Designer or give us a call. We will be happy to help you to choose the appropriate hotel.

The PrivateUpgrades team is already looking forward to making your next stay in one of our luxury hotels an unforgettable experience. Explore now our hotel collection – we are ready for your next reservation!

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