Take Your Next Event Up As Your Demands our CommandsBeing a part of Dubai, Raffles Dubai is a fabulous escape of fascination and serene stay. Likewise, it offers an unbelievable redefined luxury trip.

A break in our hotel is a journey that is worth memorable. Each hotel expresses the frame of the exquisiteness of its place, with comfortable and cherished behavior. Hence this is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. As we maintain our tradition of trust

Raffles Dubai Signature Suites & Rooms

Raffles Dubai accommodations are known for their magnificence and confidentiality to professional travelers. The rooms are ideal for those who are in search of privacy and comfort. Similarly, suites are capacious and have updated Asian and Middle Eastern inspired décor. Besides, handmade decorations and comfy cloths generate an urban home like atmosphere.

Raffles Dubai

Raffles Restaurants & Bars

Raffles comprises a number of Restaurants & Bars for example:

Azur presents a huge variety of worldwide specialties, veggie options along with native food items.

Pool Restaurant & Bar is a perfect place to relish goodies and refreshments. It is an ideal match for peaceful vacations.

Raffles Garden offers a sensational food point with the concept of Arabic inspired menu and a splendid open air atmosphere.

Solo is an Italian Restaurant and bar with a brand new twist to customary food with huge servings presented in a welcoming environment.
Raffles Dubai

Events at Raffles Hotel Dubai

This hotel presents revitalizing access to its all-purpose meeting rooms with modern cinematic technology. Its meeting rooms are customized for get-together along with social and symposium events. Also, it is an ideal spot for your dream wedding ceremonies either it is on a small or large scale. The Ballroom has Swarovski chandlers that sparkle all the time.

Wellness & Spa

It comprises elite revitalizing therapies of the Middle East, European and Asian civilizations. The spa offers the ideal atmosphere for well-being, consist of six comfy rooms. While selecting products for Spa, we consider many perspectives of wellbeing. Substantial stability is our top priority, thus expressing our social duties as a trademark.
Raffles Dubai

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